You may face issues in making payment while booking tickets online today, in that case please e-mail to or call - +91-7050209790. For any query/complaint/feedback regarding online ticket booking please E-Mail to or call +91-7050209790, Mon to Sat 11 AM to 6 PM. Specially abled visitors will not be able to visit Glass Sky Walk, Suspension Bridge or other activities that are not made for them, so they are requested to not buy tickets for these activities. Glass Sky Walk and other activities of Nature Safari Rajgir may be obstructed due to bad weather. You are requested to buy tickets on your own responsibilities. Each user whose amount has been deducted and ticket not confirmed must report for that with details within 6 months of the transaction date, failing which the amount cannot be refunded in any circumstances. Plastic products like bottles, polythenes, bags etc. use are prohibited inside Nature Safari Rajgir. You are requested to not carry such items or if carried please get it checked at the entry point of nature safari. For each successful ticket booking online there is an SMS with the M-Ticket link is sent to the mobile number verified by OTP. If SMS is not received and balance is deducted from the bank account please e-mail to before making another payment. For any query/complaint/feedback regarding ticket booking, please e-mail to or call +91-7050209790, Mon to Sat 11 AM to 6 PM.. Entry ticket is mandatory for children above age 5 yrs. Ticket rates of Nature Safari Rajgir have been revised. A ticket can be booked online only 3 days in advance. The entry is allowed between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM ( All days except Mondays and Safari closing days due to any reason).


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Inauguration of Nature safari

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 26.03.2021 (Friday) inaugurated ‘nature safari’ at Rajgir and dedicated it to the public who can enjoy plenty of activities including ‘Glass Sky Walk’ in a natural environment.