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Nature Safari Rajgir

Are you a thrill seeker? If yes, then simply looking at images of many glass bridges might have sent your heart racing. However, you won't have to travel anywhere to experience such adventure, because our own country has one.
The first Glass sky walk of the country is opened in Bihar's Rajgir Forest, in a bid to attract both local and international tourists. Along with this, the state-of-the-art suspension bridge is also opened to the general public. The nature safari spread over an area around 500 hectare, is located in Rajgir- Jethian Path between the Vaibhagiri and Songiri mountain in the forest area. Adventure lovers can enjoy the zip lining or flying fox activities, Sky biking and various recreational activities at Nature Safari. The Nature Safari, boasting of a variety of flora and fauna has already been recognized.

Nature Safari

About Rajgir

Rajgir is one of the most important tourist places in India. Being located in a valley of two prominent hills namely Vipalagiri and Vaibhagiri, Rajgir is a very historical and scenic place. The small foot hill town is covered with lush green forests which add to the beauty of the place. Rajgir was the capital of the Magadh Mahajanpad (State) when Patliputra was not formed. In those days it was called Rajgrih. Rajgir or Rajgrih means the home of Royalty. This place has been associated with Lord Buddha and Buddhism. Buddha not only spent many years in Rajgir but also delivered sermons here and proselytized emperor Bimbisar at the Griddhakuta hill. During Lord Buddha's stay in Rajgir, Bimbisar gifted him the royal park known as Venu Van (literally, 'bamboo forest'). There is a small pond inside known as Karandak tank. It is said that it was at Rajgir that physician treated Buddha, Jivak after he was injured by his cousin Devdatta. The teachings of Buddha was penned down at Rajgir and it was also the venue for the first Buddhist Council. Rajgir has come up as one of the most important pilgrimage for the Buddhists. Rajgir also has some very beautiful Hindu and Jain temples which attracts Hindus and Jains also to the place. Not only as a place for worship, Rajgir has come up as health and winter resort with its warm water springs. These springs are said to contain some medicinal properties which help in the cure of many skin diseases. The added attraction of Rajgir is the Ropeway which takes you uphill to the Shanti Stupa, temples, Ashok stupa and Griddhakuta peak on top of the Ratnagiri Hills. The beautiful Ghorakatora Lake and Park, Cyclopean Wall and Jungle Trails are additional attractive places in Rajgir. Many archeological monuments are situated within Rajgir Forest. The Rajgir wildlife Sanctuary represents a remnant patch of forests nestled in the picturesque Rajgir hills within the South Gangetic Plain. This sanctuary provides numerous ecosystem services to the surrounding landscape including varieties of flora and fauna. It is home to number of wild animals viz. Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and amphibians. Landscape of Rajgir WLS (Land of Five hills) is uneven terrain enclosed by five mountains; Ratnagiri, Vipulgiri, Vaibhagiri, Songiri and Udaygiri.

About Nature Safari

Nature Safari Rajgir located at Rajgir-Jetian Valley will let you explore the scenic beauty of the acres lush spread of greenery. During trip to nature safari at this place, you can witness the splendours of the rocky hills, lush vegetation, pristine valleys, and picturesque landscape.


General Weather conditions of Rajgir

Temperature (Max./Min.) Deg C: Max. 40/Min. 20; Winter-Max. 28 Min. 6
Rainfall:1000 mm (Mid-June to Mid-September).
Best Season: October to March.
Clothing: Summer – Cottons; Winter - Heavy Woollens.


By Air: The nearest airports to Rajgir are Gaya Airport (distance about 80 km) and Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport in Patna (distance about 101 km). You can take a flight from any prime city of the country and reach Patna airport. From here, you can take a bus or taxi to arrive at the Nature Safari in Rajgir.

By Rail: You can take a daily train from Patna, Delhi, or Kolkata and reach Rajgir railway station. From here, you can take a taxi to arrive at the Nature Safari,Rajgir. Though Rajgir itself has a railway station yet the nearest convenient railhead is at Gaya 78 kms.

By Road: Frequent and direct buses run from all important cities of the country to Rajgir town. Rajgir is connected by road to Patna - 110 kms, Nalanda - 12 kms, Gaya - 78 kms, Pawapuri - 38 kms, Bihar Sharif - 25 kms etc. Bus : Regular buses are available from all the above said points to Rajgir.

Local Transport: Taxis, Buses, Tangas and battery operated E-Rickshaws are available.